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Thursday night, dozens of Louisiana art enthusiasts came out to indulge the latest works by famed landscape artist Donna F. McGee.

The event was hosted at FKJ Art Gallery, home to prominent fine artist and Grambling State University alumni Frank Kelley, Jr.  The artist shared her latest works, illustrating her technique and inspiration.

Local Artist Ross Slack and Grambling State University Art Department Head, Rodrecas Davis came out to support the event, along with dozens of others.

Donna McGee’s works are inspired by the essence of nature—energy, motion, and change. According to Kahlil Gibran, “Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes.”

McGee says, “For me, art is a synthesis of what I see, what I know, and what I feel revealed or made evident in the work.”

The foundation of McGee’s work is rooted in her love of the natural world and her view that man is an integral part of nature. Like many philosophers, poets, writers, and artists, McGee searches for meaning in life and understanding of herself by observing and experiencing the forces of the natural world.

FKJ Art Gallery showcases the work of artist Frank Kelley, Jr. They also host other artists. authors and more throughout the year.

FKJ Art Gallery is located in the quaint town of Monroe, LA at 410 North 6th Street. It’s worth the trip to see the remarkable quality of Kelley’s work.

Frank Kelley’s artwork centers around Southern American landscapes, abstracts, as well as those powerful, iconic images from the African American communities. Kelley, Jr.’s work inspires, brings grace and highlights individuals of importance in American culture.

The gallery art is available for purchase. Payment programs are available. The gallery also offers prints of some of its works. Contact them for more information – (318) 387-0043.   Learn more at http://www.frankkelleyjr.com/ 

Artist spotlight. ILYA SEROV


“(Ilya) really is a talented trumpeter and a great singer.  This guy has got the goods.  Ilya Serov-remember that name.”—Dave Koz 


Russian-born Ilya Serov is a young jazz musician with an old soul.  Classically trained at the prestigious St. Petersburg Conservatory, trumpet player and vocalist Serov decided to follow his love of jazz, cultivated as a teenager in the Russian city of Saratov, by pursuing his dreams in the U.S. He now is building a following among fans and seasoned players alike as one of the scene’s budding new talents.  

"(Ilya) is a great, great trumpet player; and I love his voice," Sanchez said. "Ilya has a great thing here because it's commercial enough for the mainstream to enjoy and like, but it's hip enough for the jazz folks to like also because he's a great trumpet player. He can sing the tunes and play them. That's the edge he's got."

Poncho Sanchez

Tyler Perry takes us on a tour of his new studio! 


November 12, 2019

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Sandino Moreno was nominated for an Oscar for ¨María, plena eres de gracia¨ (2004). Alina left Cuba in 1993, in a flight that deserves a movie

Sandino Moreno was nominated for an Oscar for ¨María, plena eres de gracia¨ (2004). Alina left Cuba in 1993, in a flight that deserves a movie


The Daughter of Fidel Castro Shares Her Intimate Story

In her illuminating talk, Alina Fernandez, the daughter of Fidel Castro, relives her first-person account of growing up in Cuba, and the many, broad-sweeping changes affecting Cuba today and into the future, as a result of Obama-era politics and social and political reforms. She is a witness with a unique vision, not only of her father, and how the country changed after The Revolution, but of Cuba’s rapidly-changing climate right now, uncertain future, and tremendous potential for a better life in Cuba for everyone.

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Veronica Chambers is a prolific author, best known for her critically acclaimed memoir, Mama's Girl which has been course adopted by hundreds of high schools and colleges throughout the country. The New Yorker called Mama's Girl, "a troubling testament to grit and mother love… one of the finest and most evenhanded in the genre in recent years." Born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn, her work often reflects her Afro-Latina heritage.


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