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What do you enjoy the most about performing with Vladimir Ashkenazy and the Philharmonia Orchestra? I love the strong musical and personal connection we have built over the past years of performing together and also recording my first two albums together. I also really enjoy the fact that we’re always exploring new ideas and approaches even when we’re revisiting pieces we have already performed together. Playing with musicians who feel like family takes music making to an extra special level. Glazunov’s Violin Concerto is not the most well know violin concerto. What drew you to perform and record this work? This concerto was actually recommended to me by the late Maestro Lorin Maazel who was

Who Is Lil Nas X? Everything to Know About the Rapper Behind the Viral Song Old Town Road

Some music fans and critics describe Lil Nas X's viral, Billboard-topping hit "Old Town Road" as "country trap" or even "hick hock." Whatever your descriptor, one sentiment the general public seems to agree on is that Lil Nas X has ushered in a new, genre-melding sound that listeners can't seem to get out of their head. Not only that, but the untraditional ditty has sparked a conversation about music—and whether a track that blends hip-hop beats and R&B vocal stylings with banjo twanging and cowboys lyrics can truly be considered an authentic country song. The music phenom is reaping the benefits of the controversy, including a number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week, aide

'Homecoming,' From The Bleachers: Members Of Beyoncé's Marching Band Look Back

The precision. The energy. The limitless swag. Fans of Beyoncé are reliving the pinnacle performance of her career once again with Homecoming, the concert documentary released on Netflix last week. The film both documents the performance and sheds light on the eight months of work — four months of putting together the run of show and learning the choreography, followed by four months rehearsals — that led up to her headlining slot at Coachella in 2018. In the two-hour film, extended sections of the performance are intercut with behind-the-scenes clips of Beyoncé conceptualizing the show alongside the 200-plus artists — dancers, musicians, creative directors, technical staff — who helped make

Brown Girls Doc Mafia Creates a Space for Women and Nonbinary People of Color

Tracy Nguyen-Chung is a filmmaker and member of Brown Girls Doc Mafia. The Sundance Film Festival can be overwhelming for filmmakers trying to make the most of the opportunity to interact with the industry. But at the 2019 Festival, women and nonbinary people of color had an ally in Brown Girls Doc Mafia. Our advocacy organization aims to support documentary filmmakers and industry professionals—in part through increasing access to industry festivals and conferences, social environments, and academic exchanges, as those are the places where relationships are made, ideas are developed, and potential beneficiaries are identified. Brown Girls Doc Mafia (or BGDM) launched at the 2018 Festival, w


In her illuminating talk, Alina Fernandez, the daughter of Fidel Castro, relives her first-person account of growing up in Cuba, and the many, broad-sweeping changes affecting Cuba today and into the future, as a result of Obama-era politics and social and political reforms. She is a witness with a unique vision, not only of her father, and how the country changed after The Revolution, but of Cuba’s rapidly-changing climate right now, uncertain future, and tremendous potential for a better life in Cuba for everyone.Ms. Fernandez grew up in a convulsive Cuba, living with the ongoing threat of invasion by American troops. Through her insight as one of the Cuban elite, Alina guides you through

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