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Featured Posts to Live Stream Two-Day Event Commemorating 57th Anniversary of the Historic Original Ma

ATLANTA (August 25, 2020) -- Bounce, the first and only broadcast and multi-platform entertainment network serving African Americans, today announced a partnership with the NAACP to live stream the 2020 Virtual March on Washington. The two-day event will take place on August 27-28, the 57th anniversary of the first March on Washington which was highlighted by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. The 2020 Virtual March on Washington will feature speakers and performances that prioritize equity, justice, and opportunity for all, with speakers including Rev. William Barber II, Stacey Abrams, Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, Mayor Steve Benjamin, Yusef Salaam and Tamika Mallory an

Jazz Re:Fest festival goes online with MQA and Bluesound

Music and arts organisation Jazz Re:Freshed is staging its annual festival Jazz Re:Fest online this weekend (Sunday, August 23). It is part of a digital strategy to keep UK jazz thriving while venues are closed, and continuing to support musicians who have lost out on performance opportunities as a result of the global pandemic. Jazz Re:Freshed won the Best Independent Label award at the AIM Awards earlier this month. Artists on the roster including Golden Mean will perform at Jazz Re:Fest. Staged in association with MQA and Bluesound, Jazz Re:Fest will be taking place between 5-9pm BST on Sunday, August 23. The virtual showcase, held at The Mill studios in London behind closed doors, will b

Wesley Snipes Teases Hilarious 'Coming to America 2'

wp:paragraph Wesley Snipes can't wait for fans to see Coming to America 2. ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with the 58-year-old actor about his latest movie, Cut Throat City, but first touched on his role as General Izzi in the upcoming Eddie Murphy-starring sequel. "I am the big brother [of Vanessa Bell Calloway's Imani Izzi]. I am also the one that is making sure that everything in the whole region is under control," Snipes teased. "My name is General Izzi. We can make it hard or we can do it easy. It is up to you." Murphy had previously told ET that the sequel is "funnier than the first one," and Snipes confirmed just that while talking to ET. "You're going to have to wear a diaper! You're go

Michelle Yeoh Linked to Marvel's First Asian-Led Superhero Movie, Shang-Chi

wp:paragraph The 58-year-old actress has been linked to a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, which stars Chinese-Canadian actor Simu Liu as the titular character and is pleased that an Asian performer will lead the cast of a Marvel flick for the first time. Michelle told Time magazine's 100 Talks series: "When that movie was announced last year and they introduced who they were doing as the Marvel superhero and it was an Asian superhero, it was like, 'Yes, finally!' When do we get to be represented like that?" Yeoh previously featured in hit rom-com 'Crazy Rich Asians' and credits the movie for "changing the map" for Asian stars in Hollywood. She explained: "When 'Crazy Rich Asians

Pharrell And Jay-Z Celebrate Black Ownership In New Song

wp:paragraph Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z have released a new music video for their song "Entrepreneur" that honors Black-owned businesses. The clip was released Friday on YouTube in conjunction with Williams' Time magazine cover package, titled The New American Revolution. Williams and Jay-Z do not appear in the video, but instead show real-life Black entrepreneurs, stating the businesses they started and the challenges they have faced. Tyler the Creator and Issa Rae make cameo appearances and have their accomplishments listed. "Lies told to you, through YouTubes and Hulus/ Shows with no hues that look like you do/ Black Twitter, what's that? When Jack gets paid do you?" Jay-Z raps. "Entrepr

Double tragedy for Larry King as his son and daughter die in the space of 3 weeks

Famed TV interviewer Larry King is mourning the loss of two children, who died in the space of three weeks, according to Page Six. Daughter Chaia, 52, died on Thursday after battling lung cancer, following the sudden death of his son, Andy, 65. Larry and his remaining three children were said to be "distraught." King has returned to work in an attempt to process the grief, it was reported. Larry King is mourning the death of two of his children in the space of three weeks. The renowned TV interviewer faces a double tragedy after the sudden death of Andy, 65, who died three weeks ago. King's daughter Chaia, aged 52, died on Thursday, according to Page Six. She had been battling lung cancer. A

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!! #TB Authors and Artists Magazine look at author Wayetu Moore

Carlos Santana: Life, Music & Cindy

“The universe will bring you an abundance of opportunities and possibilities. It’s really all about trusting that before you got there, when you were sleeping, the universe was conspiring to give you something to blow your mind. Would you be open to receive it?” That sums up the 72-year journey of Carlos Santana. He became a pioneer of Latin rock primarily through talent and determination, of course. But there was a large element of being in the right places at the right times. As a boy in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, Carlos was turned on by the Latin tones and rhythms of his ancestors. His father, a violinist, taught him to play the violin, but the instrument’s nuance eluded Carlos, who de

‘Athlete A’ Netflix Documentary: A Disturbing Look at the USA Gymnastics Scandal

Last month I caught Athlete A Netflix Documentary - 2020. The documentary follows the Indianapolis Star reporters that broke the story about USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar's abuse and hear from gymnasts. I followed the story when it broke - not as closely, so I didn't know coaches were the original issue of abuse complaints. Through the documentary, you find there is an entire culture of hidden abuses and complete and total lack of concern for the girl's wellbeing. Their only concern was WINNING. Unfortunately, this is indicative of our culture today. Destruction of souls is okay as long as the ultimate objective is achieved: WINNING, MAKING MORE MONEY, BEING MORE POPULAR, etc. etc.

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