'My Help' Video and 'Second Chance' Trailer Selected for Hollywood Independent Filmm

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PRODUCTION TEAMS OF MY HELP MUSIC VIDEO AND SECOND CHANCE TEASER TRAILER for the latest Official Selection ....we made it through the 1st round..great work everyone!

Filmmaker and Playwright Tina Batten and the team of Sister Batten Productions were excited as several film productions were chosen this week as Official Selections for the 2017 Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards and Festival.

Sister Batten.com is an organization that inspires and educates the community through the power of gospel stage plays and films. The organization tours the country with stage plays and film screenings that inspire hope and redemption.

Second II Chance Promotional Teaser Trailer

About Hollywood Inependent Filmmaker Awards and Festival

HOLLYWOOD INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER AWARDS and FESTIVAL is an independent film competition and live screening event combined with a unique opportunity for PR geared toward independent filmmakers worldwide. SUBMIT TODAY via Film Freeway.

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